Not Just For Camping!

Up until just a few years ago, our family enjoyed camping as an every year adventure.  We looked forward to each summer and sat for hours making plans on where we would go, what new things would we do, and what new foods would be added to our camping menu that summer.
When Michaela started to have stomach problems, we backed off of our summer activities.  Most times she was so sick she couldn’t even get out of bed, let alone go on a trip of any kind.  There is one thing that I found that is not just for camping that I have continued as a meal in our household, and it comes with so many good memories and conversations.

This is one of the easiest, fastest, and best tasting meals you will ever prepare in your kitchen or straight off your grill!

That is correct, the Hobo Pack!  If you have never been camping, or have never heard of this combo, then you are definitely in for a treat!
What you will need:
Meat of your choice cut up into bite-size pieces.
Vegetables of your choice.  Some ideas are potatoes, corn, peas, green beans, onions, tomato, carrots, etc.
Oil (any works fine.  I tend to use Olive)
1/2 stick GF Butter (vegan if you have allergies)
Heavy duty aluminum foil
Baking pan big enough to hold your size pack.
Preheat oven to 400 degrees
In this particular meal, I used Venison, potatoes, carrots, onions, and green beans.  I usually use what I have on hand.  Since I am making for a family of four and like to have enough left over for the next day’s lunch, I use a 15 x 11 baking tray with rim.  Line your baking tray with a large piece of aluminum foil, leaving about 3 inches over the edges of the tray for folding up later.  Pour enough oil to thinly cover the bottom of the foiled tray.
I cut my meat in bite-size pieces and brown it on all sides in oil.  I do not peel my potatoes, just wash with a scrub brush and cut into approx 1-1 1/2 inch pieces.  I slice my onions 1/4 inch thickness and cut up my carrots to 1 inch pieces.  If you have carrots that the base is really wide, then I also dice the piece in half.  I have fresh green beans in a gallon bag that I have frozen and do not remove from my freezer until I have prepared everything else and it is just about ready to put in the oven.
The potatoes and carrots are spread on the foil lined, baking tray first.  Then I scatter my meat pieces and onions across the potatoes and carrots.  I salt and pepper this concoction before I grab the green beans from my freezer and layer them across the top until I cannot see anything that is below the beans.  This usually is a gallon bags-worth of beans.  Again, I salt and pepper.
When you have added everything you want in your Hobo Pack, tear off another piece of aluminum foil and place on top.  Make sure you tear off enough to be able to roll up all four edges, making a sealed pack.  Place in oven and bake until done.  For the amount I made in the 15 x 11 baking pan, it took about 1 1/2 hrs to bake before done.  Baking times will vary according to the size pack you have made.  After an hour, I begin to check it about every 8-10 min.  When the potatoes and carrots are just about done, I add my butter to the top of the beans, resealing the pack until done.
This is the finished product.  Everything together, no sides required!  Everything is tender, juicy, and flavorful.  Guaranteed to please at home or your campsite!

If you are camping, then it is probably easier to make individual packs.  Give each person in your party a piece of aluminum foil and get creative!  Wrap it all up and through it into the coals of your fire!  It really is that simple.  Go on ahead and do what you had planned to do, just be sure to come back in about an hour to check on your food.

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